Bikemunk is a website dedicated to helping people understand bikes, especially in the context of making a purchase. The price of a bike can run all the way up into the five figure range, so it's vitally important to know what you're getting for your money.

We like to think we're different than other sites that review bikes, however. Rather than simply writing our opinions on various bikes, we instead combine our opinions with (1) the consultation of real experts and (2) data-driven research.

A bike might feel fast, or its handling might feel responsive, for example, but we want to know why it feels that way and what that means in context--in the context of its geometry, in the context of its components in the context of its price point, and in the context of the geometries and components of other bikes in its class. To that end, a major part of our process contextualizing bikes using data. This is why our articles are filled with both data-heavy graphs as well as quotes from other experts alongside our own analysis.

In our view, it's this blend of both the qualitative and quantitative research that gives riders a kind of information they can't find anywhere else.

Our Team

Dena Eaton
Cycling & Editorial Consultant

Dena Eaton is the former founder and manager of ShePedals, a print cycling publication.  She has 25+ years as athlete in Ironman, cycling and ultrarunning. She now focuses on mountaineering, rock, and ice climbing and am also a professional SCUBA diver in San Diego, CA.

P.C. Chiles
Managing Editor

PC is a cycling enthusiast hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina. His experience with cycling spans about a decade. He's written over 1,500 articles for the web and edited many more. He provides content strategy and editorial guidance.

Clint Worthington
Contributing Editor

Clint is a cycling hobbyist from Chicago, who, aside from being a huge movie nerd, spends much of his time geeking out over cycling info. He writes, edits, and and makes sure nothing sounds dumb.

Eric C.
Marketing Manager

Eric rode in his first race with a bike he bought off craigslist, and he's been hooked on cycling ever since. He's a digital nomad, but finds time to cycle in whatever city he happens to be in.