Types of Bikes

It’s easy to find the right bike type if you know what you need.There are so many bikes that you’re guaranteed to find the right bicycle for your needs. No matter what terrain you’re riding on, there’s sure to be a great bike for you. Table Of Contents Table of Contents Commuter Bike Road BikeMountain … Read more

Why A Stationary Bike Should Be In Every Home

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2020 seemed to drag on forever, and included in that crazy year was minimal access to gyms. A new year is finally here, thank goodness! However, even when the gyms eventually open up again, it may still be challenging to find time to go. After all, we all have crazy lives, filled with families, work, … Read more

What is The Hype About Recumbent Exercise Bikes?

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A recumbent bike is a great way to work some cardio exercise into your training program. It is designed with comfort in mind and allows individuals from all fitness levels to enjoy the benefit of cardio exercise. A recumbent exercise bike enables individuals who may have physical limitations or are recovering from injuries to build … Read more

Folding Exercise Bikes: Should You Get One?

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Are you considering buying an at-home stationary bike, but you don’t have the budget for a Peloton bike? There are many other, lower-cost options for your at-home cycling workouts. A cost and space-efficient option for a stationary bike is a folding exercise bike. Table Of Contents Table of Contents What is a folding exercise bike? … Read more

Used Peloton Bike

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Peloton bikes bring all the benefits that you would get from cycling or a spin class into the comfort of your own home. Their memberships give you access to various workouts and classes, all led by motivational instructors dedicated to helping you get the most out of every training session. All of this comes with … Read more

The Best Electric Mountain Bikes of 2021

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Sometimes you need to get away from it all. Having the right bike ensures you’ll have a great experience in the outdoors, but which one is the right choice? Depending on where you live, the best options might be the models that can bring their mountain bikers to any destination. Meet the electric mountain bike. … Read more

Assault Bike – Is the Assault Bike Workout for You?

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There are many different ways for people to get fit. Some people go swimming and build up their cardio that way. Other people rely on a strength workout for their fitness routine, developing extra muscle as they go. As the health and fitness world continues to evolve, companies are even finding new ways to put … Read more

How to Find the Best Commuter Bike

Table Of Contents 1What Exactly Is a Commuter Bike?2Why Use a Bike for Commuting? 3What is The Best Commuter Bike in the USA? 4How to Find the Best Commuter Bike for Me?4.1Men’s Hybrid Cruiser4.2Trinx Road Bike4.3Aluminum Fixie Bike4.4Schwinn Mountain Bike4.5Euromini Folding bike4.6PXQ Electric luxury city bike4.7Vilano Pulse5How much should I spend on a commuter bike? 6Time to Change … Read more

How to Pick the Best 20 Inch Bike

Electra Sprocket 20 Kids' Bike

There’s a lot more to consider when looking at a bike beyond price and looks. While buying a bike might not be as fun as actually riding one, it doesn’t need to be a frustrating process. Here is a little tip: get your child involved, and you will soon catch their excitement! We’ll talk about … Read more

Best Bike Seats with Backrest Reviews

When the thought of a long bike ride through the back country enters your mind, you are taken to a place where you are one with nature and the trail is where you leave all the stresses of everyday life. Maybe you prefer the long winding marked trails for a peaceful easy ride that allows … Read more