Best Bike Cup Holder; Which Takes The Lead On The Road

A cup holder is essential when it comes to riding. You sweat, lose hydration, and get thirsty. I have had the cup holder that bounces around making me fear my bottle is going to go flying to the ground only to get lost, or even worse, cause me to crash. 

As that last sentence implied, safety is important, but we all have our own style. So, we put together a list of the best cup holders for your bike on the market. They are diverse enough to appeal to most riders that are reading this piece.

But before we get into it, let’s look at the product as a whole.

Top 5 Bike Cup Holder Comparisons


AdirMed Universal Drinking Cup Holder

Pro Bike Tool Water Bottle Holder

UShake Water Bottle Cages

Cruiser Candy Coconut Bicycle Drink Holder

Bushwhacker Shasta Black - Insulated Bike Water Bottle Holder

History of the Bicycle

Biking, as we know it, was not the same when bicycles first came about in the early 19th century. In 1817, Karl von Drais, a German baron was the first to invent a riding device with two wheels and seat. Yet, the rider was required to run and jump on as a way to accelerate the machine von Drais created.

Today, there are ten speeds, mountain bikes, beach cruisers and much more. People in many parts of the world use them as their main mode of transportation. Major sporting events like Tour de France and Race Across America show exactly how far the simple push and jump version von Drais came up with has come.

History of the Bicycle Cup Holder

As far as who was the first person or company to attach a cup holder to a bike, your guess is as good as mine. Still, we owe a huge thanks to the creator. Cycling is a lifestyle and water is a necessity. 

When riding we expel water via sweat and it’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you are racing, working out, or just riding around your neighborhood.

What is a Bike Cup Holder?

In short, it’s an appendage that’s attached to your bicycle that will hold a water bottle or thermal cup when you ride around. It’s typically placed on the main frame so that access is easy when you are pedaling away although it can also be fastened to the handlebars. Some styles are screwed right into the frame while others use a clamp to hold it in place. 

Bike cup holders are made in different styles and designs. Some are looped metal that hold your bottle in place while others keep your drink insulated and are fastened by velcro. There are even cup holders that can give your bike a little bit of flare.

Reasons Why You Need a Cup Holder

Because you are going to get thirsty when you ride your bike. It’s that simple. Of course, this simplistic answer is so general that we need to take this question to the next level. 

What do you use your bike for? Is it a mode of transportation? Then you might do best with a cup holder that is thermal and sits on your handle bars. That way you can put a cup of tea or coffee in there if you ride to work in the morning.

If you’re a competitive rider then you would probably do best with the simple loop type that is attached to the main frame. It’s less awkward and weighs very little, which are both positives when it comes to racing.

We all have our own personalized ways in which we use our bikes and knowing our needs inside and out is the best way to find the best cup holder for you. Create a list of what your needs are. When you review our choices below, consider our pros and cons lists and compare them to that list to narrow it down.

How To Choose a Bike Cup Holder

When you sit down to make your list of needs there are some things you need to be aware of.

What is it Made Of?

If you ride in a atmosphere where the weather fluctuates you want to be sure your holder can hold out during those drops or rises in temperature. It should be able to handle snow and ice and not be jolted loose from the bumps that come along with urban riding.

What Can It Hold?

Some are designed only to fit standard sized reusable water bottle while others can be adjusted to fit the drink container of your choice. This feature is quite attractive to someone who isn’t set on one type of beverage while riding their bike.

Is It safe?

This should not be skimped on. As we mentioned earlier, it’s not about losing the drink as much as a falling drink holder can cause more trouble that saving a few bucks is worth. Safety should always be your first priority when riding.

Advantages of a Cup Holder

Besides the obvious benefit of having something to drink when you are riding there are some that are not so blatant. For example, putting a place to keep a water bottle on your bike might get your out riding more, which is beneficial for your health.

If you ride to and from work your advantage is that you have a place to keep your morning coffee during your commute.

Top 5 Bike Cup Holder Reviews

Below we have ten cup holders that have rated well with consumers. They cover a broad range of styles and, no matter what your needs are when it comes to this purchase, there should be something on this list for you.

AdirMed Universal Drinking Cup Holder

The first cup holder on our list is a simple design that resembles a shelf. It can be attached to the handlebar of your bike but it wouldn’t attach to the frame very well. It mounts around a tube frame of 1 inch and is clipped onto the handlebars with ease.

The AdirMed measures at 4.5” x 8” x 1” and weighs in at less than eight ounces, which means it’s light. It is made of molded plastic for strength. The nice thing about this cup holder is that it’s adjustable so you can put a water bottle in it or a cup of coffee you picked up on the go.


  • Light weight (less than 8 oz)
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable for different bottles (beverage 2.35” to 3.95” in diameter)
  • Folds down when not in use to 3.75” x 3.90” x 1.40”
  • Can be set to angle so it doesn’t spill


  • Not good for riding fast

Who Should Purchase This?

Because of the design, this cup holder would work best for bike users who like to cruise when they ride. People who ride while carting their children in the tent behind them and seniors who ride around the neighborhood might find this option attractive.

Pro Bike Tool Water Bottle Holder

This next model is the kind that will hold a water bottle for riding fast. It’s a simple holder that fastens to the main frame of your bike for easy access. Some riders are on the move and need something that they can just grab and sip while meandering through traffic.

With a retention system that is solid and secure once it is fixed to the bike, this cup holder will stay fastened no matter how fast you are going or how bumpy the ride gets. It can accomodate water bottles that hold anywhere from twenty to thirty-three ounces. The Pro Bike Tool can do this because it is adjustable, as well.


  • Adjustable
  • Easy access
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Secure for fast and bumpy rides


  • Has come without all the parts
  • Did not fit all bikes

Who Should Purchase This?

If you are a bike delivery worker, an avid racer, a mountain biker, or anyone that goes fast and rides their bike over rugged terrain should considers this model. It is durable and can stand the rough riders plus it is also light so it won’t weigh you down.

UShake Water Bottle Cages

The third bottle holder on our list is called a cage, which is rather apropos since it is made of black bars like cages. It can hold a bottle with the capacity of up to twenty-six ounces. Three inches in diameter is the maximum circumference of this holder and it is made from heat-treated aluminum alloy.

The UShake is easy to install and the hold is snug and secure. There are screws included but it is suggested you have holes drilled into your frame and use washers for the best results. When riding you'll notice how light weight it is.


  • Easy to install
  • Snug fit for bottles up to 26 oz
  • Has a 10 year warranty
  • Made of durable material
  • Can withstand speed and bumps


  • Have to drill holes first
  • Didn’t fit all bikes
  • Some water bottles fit too loosely

Who Should Purchase This?

This model would be another great choice for folks who enjoy racing, speed, or endurance. It offers a secure fit for jagged roads and it won’t slow you down with extra weight.

Cruiser Candy Coconut Bicycle Drink Holder

Here we have a holder that is like none other you have seen on this list thus far, and you won’t see the likes of it after. It is unique in so many ways, just one look and you will agree. This fake flower laden coconut sits on top of handlebars and does one thing none of the other holders do. It makes your bike look cute.

There are different styles if flowers aren’t your thing. You can get a face or get the plain one and decorate it yourself. It comes with a loop, fastener to go around your handlebars and it’s easy to install. You don’t have to worry about being weighed down with this cup holder, although, it isn’t necessarily the best choice for racers.


  • Cute
  • Easy to install
  • Light weight
  • Fun
  • Great for kids


  • Not as functional as the other choices
  • Wouldn’t be great for fast riding.
  • More opportunity for drinks to fall out

Who Should Purchase This?

The person who loves a great beach cruiser and riding for leisure and a breath of fresh air should take a look at this holder. Fans of tiki rooms and such would just fall in love with this. It would also be a good choice for a childs bike or three wheeler.

Bushwhacker Shasta Black - Insulated Bike Water Bottle Holder

The last cup holder on our list is different from the rest because it is insulated, while the others on our list are not. It is made of polyester fabric which is durable and it can be easily moved, removed, or transferred to another vehicle because it isn’t permanently attached to your bike. It comes in one color and with a 20 ounce water bottle.


  • Comes with bottle
  • Is made of durable material
  • Is easily attachable and detachable
  • Insulates the bottle
  • Is transferable


  • Might be floppy
  • Could interfere with steering

Who Should Purchase This?

This bottle holder has a little bit to offer everyone. It should sustain speed and bumps, it can keep your coffee hot in the morning if you are commuter, and it can hydrate you on nature rides with that 20 ounce bottle that comes with it.


Who knew that bottle holders for bikes were so diverse? There is a type for every style of rider out there. Whether you are a person who likes to cruise down the public forest trails or someone who enjoys challenging yourself in the latest race there is a cup holder for you. Which one that is, well, that’s something only you can decide.