Bicycle Discounts for Students

School is never easy, especially when that university homework starts bogging down your day. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like making that long trek to class, and getting back in forth in cold or extremely hot weather can be just as exhausting as pulling an all-nighter before that big mid-term exam.

What you can do to help ease some of the struggles of walking back and forth from class is purchase a bicycle. Students everywhere enjoy the ease and portability that bicycles bring, and you can too. By following this handy buying guide, you can ensure that you can get the best bicycle for your daily transportation needs as well as ensure that your bike doesn’t get stolen. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing the Best Bike

Before you can make a final purchase decision, you need to find the best type of bike to meet your needs. Do you need a road bike, a mountain bike, a cruiser bike, or a hybrid bike?

Cruiser bikes are easy to maintain, and they are ideal for flatter terrains. If you prefer to be more comfortable on your rides instead of being fast, then a cruiser bike is the better option for you.

Hybrid bikes are a little different. They are a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike, and these bikes are better for short trips across the pavement. They are fast and comfortable at the same time.

Mountain bikes have wide tires with deeper treads. They are made to handle rugged terrain, which could be perfect for college trails and sidewalks.

Road bikes are also ideal for riding across college sidewalks since they are made for paved streets. These are also ideal for those who need to get to class quickly. If you are perpetually late, this bike might be a good option.

Looking at the Cost

Chances are, you’re going to be on a budget. In this case, you need to also consider the cost of the bike. You don’t want to fork out thousands of dollars on a bicycle when you already have so many more expenses. However, you also don’t want to skimp on quality just for the price.

The best thing to do is find a high-quality bike that suits your needs and your style, then compare the same bike from multiple places to find the best quality bike at a lower price. A bike that is too cheap will be more likely to fall apart quickly, and an overpriced bike is rarely worth the extra dough. If you are unsure of whether you are getting a good deal or not, you can do a little research, look up reviews on the bike, compare prices, and more.

Preventing Theft

After you find your ideal bike, you will need to make another purchase to ensure that your bike never gets stolen or taken from you. Bike theft is a huge problem, which can be an even bigger problem for you and your already tight budget. One of the biggest reasons that bike theft even happens is because people do not lock their bikes up while in class or at night while sleeping.

The first thing you can do is purchase a bicycle lock. Typically, the bike shops where you purchase your bike from will have bike locks to go with them. Once you have your bike lock, just remember to keep it locked up in the designated areas to help prevent any theft that might happen.

Other things to consider when protecting your bike are:

  • Lock your bike in a well-lit area
  • Lock your bike in a different place every day
  • Secure your lock properly
  • Use more than one lock
  • Lock your bike with more bikes
  • Lock your bike to immovable objects only


Once you have decided on your ideal style, color, and price, you can complete the buying steps needed to bring home your new bike. Your bike will help you get around more quickly and easily, making your college experience a little easier. Bikes can also help you carry around that heavy backpack a little easier.

If you are struggling to get around your college campus easily and quickly, getting a bike might be the best option. By choosing the best type of bike for your needs (mountain, road, cruiser, or hybrid), the best color, and the best price, you could be riding in style across your entire college campus.

A few things to remember when purchasing your first bike is the price. Don’t overspend, but don’t go cheap either. Choose a high-quality bike that is priced well. After finding your bike, you should also purchase a lock to help ensure that your bike stays safe while you sleep, while you sit in class, or while you even study in the library.