Surly Crosscheck Review

The manufacturer bills the Surly Crosscheck as a cyclocross bike, but it goes beyond that definition in several features in its geometry and specs. It’s versatile for users who want to have a say in all component choices while striking an excellent balance between comfort and performance. We’ll compare it to other models in the … Read more

Cannondale CAAD8 Road Bike Series Review

Budget-wise bike shoppers will find joy in the Cannondale CAAD8 bike series. This entry-level road bike series is one that offers a few upgrades and some additional value for each bike model while keeping the basic geometry and purpose of the bikes the same. Our bike series review will highlight the four models in the … Read more

Giant Escape 2 Review

Cannondale bills the Giant Escape 2 as an all-around bike designed for fitness, commuting, and on-road versatility which gives it a lot of latitude in the specs and the features that it will emphasize in its geometry. We’ll take a look at how the manufacturer has fared with other bikes in its lineup as well … Read more

Kestrel Talon Review

The Kestrel Talon X caters to the serious rider who wants a high-quality for racing or triathlon competition. These series features three models named based on the manufacturer and model of the majority of their groupset. We’ll compare the Talon X Shimano Ultegra with others in the Kestrel line as well as comparable models from … Read more

Trek 7.2 FX Review

The Trek 7.2 FX is an example of the creativity that manufacturers use to tweak the design of a bike to fit a particular user. It’s not just about picking the best components and calling it a day. We’ll cover what makes this one unique and how it compares to different offerings by Trek as … Read more

5 of the Best Road Bikes Under $1,500

Looking at 5 of the best road bikes under $1,500, there’s still going to be a bit of give and take, but there are also lots of great options here,  and quite a few of them quite frankly offer exceptional performance. This is usually the price range where you start to get all-around great packages … Read more

Specialized Diverge Review

You want a bike that can do it all — get you to work in the morning and take you off-road on the weekend. Specialized’s Diverge line of bikes is designed as adventure bikes, meaning they can perform well on the road, but they also do well in rougher  terrain. Let’s talk about the Diverge’s … Read more

Scott CR1 Review

The Scott CR1 is a professional racing bike that we are focusing our review on today. Our Scott CR1 bike review will compare the bike to other similar racing bikes in the Scott line, as well as similar racing bikes from other brands on the market. Our goal is to help you find the perfect … Read more

Our Comprehensive GMC Denali Review

Today’s review focuses on the GMC Denali Road Bike, which is a budget bike designed for road riders to ride casually or for basic cycling training. We’ll compare the bike to others from GMC and similar bikes from other brands so you can make an informed decision about the best bike for your needs. Quick Overview: … Read more

5 of the Best Budget Road Bikes (under $1,000)

You need a new bike or perhaps a first bike for regular road riding, but you don’t have thousands of dollars to spare on the top of the line bikes that you see reviewed elsewhere. We know the difficulty of finding a “cheap” road bike for under $1000, so we’ve consulted the experts to come … Read more