Bike Alarm – How to Choose The Right One

No matter where you ride, using a bike alarm with your bike lock is a consideration worth making. Even the most secure storage area can break in, especially with many specialized and customized bikes with special features. Plus, a bike alarm allows you to be more mobile and gives peace of mind when leaving your … Read more

Best Bike Lock Reviews of 2021

If you’ve landed on this article, you’re probably looking to buy a cable lock for your bike. Even if there are tons of models to choose from, you may want to know that bike cable locks are more suitable for low crime areas, mainly because a pair of solid bolt cutters can tear the cable … Read more

Bike Chain Locks to Keep Your Bike Safe

Chain locks are considered the best option for securing your bicycle, for a variety of reasons. First of all, chains are generally made of heavy-duty steel, making it more difficult to cut through than cable bike locks (which are generally forced with a solid bolt cutter). Since most of these chains are covered with a … Read more

Best Bicycle U Locks

There is a reason why U-locks are the preferred type of security for bike owners all over the world. Often referred to as “buckle locks”, U-lock are durable, reliable and very hard to break compared to an average cable locks that’s easily removed with a pair of solid bolt cutters. But there’s more than that! … Read more

Best Bicycle Locks Reviews

Telling you why you need to purchase a bike lock is like advising you to always lock your doors when you leave the house on vacation. It’s always better to feel safe than sorry. Even when living in low crime areas, you never want to take the chance of leaving your bike completely unlocked and … Read more