Types of Bikes

It’s easy to find the right bike type if you know what you need.There are so many bikes that you’re guaranteed to find the right bicycle for your needs. No matter what terrain you’re riding on, there’s sure to be a great bike for you. Table Of Contents Table of Contents Commuter Bike Road BikeMountain … Read more

Cycle Shoes- Improving Your Cycling Experience From Your Feet Up

cycle shoes

Cycle shoes are specially designed to make your bicycle rides more fun, efficient, and safer. Different types of cycling shoes offer different features, and the best pair of cycling shoes fit you properly and meet your cycling needs.Different brands may have different fasteners and soles, such as ones that rest on flat pedals or fit … Read more

Why You Should Get A Bike Rack Hitch

bike rack hitch

Biking is not only a great way to become and stay fit, but it can be relaxing and freeing as you ride for miles and miles on the open road with the wind blowing past you. To get to the wide-open spaces, however, you need a way to transport your bicycle. Of course, you may … Read more

Is a Trunk Bed Bike Rack Right for You?

trunk bed bike rack

Your bike is an excellent way to get from A to B. It gives you the opportunity to explore the great outdoors in style. Plus, your bike is a wonderful tool for exercise too. Unfortunately, there are going to be times when you’ll need to transport your bike on a vehicle to get to your … Read more

Bike Racks: How To Choose The Best One For You

bike racks

Whether you ride a road bike, a fat bike, an e bike, or a mountain bike, chances are that you will need to transport your bike sometimes to get to races or trails. Using a bike rack makes transporting your bike easier. It keeps both your bike and your vehicle safe from scratches and accidental … Read more

All You Need to Know about Electric Bike Kit

electric bike kit

There are tons of different bikes out there, and with so many varieties on the market, everyone is sure to find something that works for them. Indeed, bike riding has become so popular that it has expanded to countries and cities worldwide. Whether you’d like to ride a bike for fun, for exploring mountain back … Read more

How to Choose the Right Bike Repair Stand

bike stand

You don’t always need to take your bike to a bike shop to have a mechanic conduct minor fixes or maintenance to your bicycle. Many avid cyclists become passionate home mechanics, preferring to work on their own bikes at home in their garages – or anywhere else with the floor space available.You might be able … Read more

Folding Exercise Bikes: Should You Get One?

folding exercise bike

Are you considering buying an at-home stationary bike, but you don’t have the budget for a Peloton bike? There are many other, lower-cost options for your at-home cycling workouts. A cost and space-efficient option for a stationary bike is a folding exercise bike. Table Of Contents Table of Contents What is a folding exercise bike? … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Bike Hanger

bike hanger

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to cycle to work each day, you need the right accessories. A great bike is just the first piece of the puzzle; you’ll also need somewhere to store your bicycle when it isn’t in use.Of course, finding the right bike storage solution is easier said than done. … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Local Bike Shop

local bike shop

Cycling is a fun and practical way to commute around town, as well as a thrilling and adventurous weekend activity. But the process of finding a great bike shop near you? Not so fun.  Many people don’t have great experiences with bike shops since they can come across as sexists, elitists, or just outright unprofessional. Much … Read more