Peloton Accessories

You can just set up your Peloton bike, link up to the Peloton digital app, and get cycling. After all, that is one of the great things about indoor cycling. But, as with most spin bikes, there are some Peloton bike accessories that you can purchase that will make your rides more enjoyable. More enjoyable rides mean that you are more likely to reach your fitness goals.

These Peloton accessories are not necessarily made by Peloton. While many of these can be purchased from Peloton, you can find alternatives that may be as good as or even better than those carrying the Peloton interactive label. You can also use these accessories with your Peloton tread – Peloton's version of a treadmill.

Water bottle or hydration pack

Hydration is vital, especially while you are working out on your Peloton bike. Having a water bottle close by will make staying hydrated easier. Squirt, fast flow, or pour water bottles that are easy to open are more convenient than bottles with screw caps.

Your water bottle should be large enough to hold enough fluid for longer or more intense Peloton rides, or you may need two bottles. While Peloton bikes have two water bottle holders, they are narrow, and you may struggle to fit larger bottles into them. Taller and slimmer water bottles work better if you want to place them in your Peloton water bottle holders.

If you consistently need more fluid, a hydration pack could work better as they tend to be larger and thus hold more liquid. Hydration packs are great for effortless, hands-free hydration. These packs are hydration bladders that fit into a backpack which makes them easy to carry while keeping your hands free. They are equipped with a water hose that is conveniently held near your mouth—no need to fiddle around trying to find your water bottle to hydrate mid-ride.

Shoes and pedals

Cycling shoes, including shoes that you could use with your exercise bike, come in a wide variety of different designs and sizes. They have specialized cleats on the soles (near the front of the shoe) that clips onto the pedals. These make for a more effective, comfortable, and safer ride. Cleats come in two main types: Look Delta cleats and SPD cleats.

Peloton bike pedals accommodate Look Delta cleats. These cycling shoes have red triangles with three holes on their soles and clip into the bike pedals. Peloton shoes are, of course, all compatible with these pedals. These pedals require each rider to have compatible cycling shoes. Alternatively, you could find other Look Delta compatible bike shoes.

The other option is to change out the bike pedals. This will allow you different configurations to accommodate different types of cycling shoes.

Look Delta pedals with toe cages can accommodate Look Delta cleats and regular riding shoes. The rider's toes are secured to the pedal by a network of straps, metal, or plastic. This holder is called a toe cage, well, because it looks like a cage for your toes.

SPD pedals are easier to clip and unclip than Look Delta pedals. The underside of these pedals is often flat, allowing cycling with regular training shoes. You can also get SPD pedals with toe cages. These pedals make it easier and safer to use with riding shoes with SPD cleats and regular trainers as they keep your feet secured on the pedals. SPD cleats are smaller than Look Delta cleats – with only two holes. They are often recessed into the shoe, which makes them easier to walk in. They are also better than Look Delta cleats if you want to use the same shoes for cross-training (training on and off your Peloton bike).

Triple pedals can accommodate Look Delta cleats and SPD cleats. The toe cages also make them good to use with regular training shoes as the cages will hold your feet securely on the pedals.

Protection for your bum

Spending a lot of time in the saddle is likely to leave you with a sore bum, especially when you are just starting out. Honestly, even veteran Peloton riders still get sore bums after long rides. Luckily, there are various ways to make your ride more comfortable.

Padded cycling shorts or leggings have padded inserts around your bottom. These inserts usually contain high-density foam, silicone gel, or a combination of the two. They often come in different thicknesses to provide different levels of padding.

If padded shorts aren't your thing, you can opt for a padded bike seat cover. These covers are made with gel pockets and are designed to make the seat softer to sit on. These covers simply slip over your Peloton bike seat. They are easy to wash, but be sure to be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to establish whether you can wash your seat cover in the washing machine or whether it needs to be hand-washed.

You could combine a pair of thinly padded shorts with a padded seat cover. This will give you lots of padding without that awkward feeling in your pants.

Heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate during your workout. In fact, many heart rate monitors can also track the intensity of your workout, the distance that you have cycled, and how many calories you have burned.

You could purchase a Peloton heart rate monitor when you order your Peloton bike. However, Peloton accessories are not always shipped with the indoor bike. This means that you may only receive your accessories after you have received your bike or the other way around. Peloton bikes are compatible with most heart rate monitors that have ANT+ technology. ANT+ is a wireless technology that allows data sharing between different devices regardless of their brand.

If you use an ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor with your Peloton bike, your heart rate will be displayed in the top left corner of your bike's touchscreen.

When looking for a heart rate monitor, you need to consider one that easily connects to your bike. You also need to consider the battery life and how long it takes to charge. This will avoid the frustration of your heart rate monitor going off mid-workout or needing to postpone your workout while you are waiting for your monitor to charge.


A dedicated sweat towel (or two) is handy to wipe sweaty handlebars and sweaty bodies. Wiping down your handlebars (and your body) during your workout will make your workout more comfortable and safer. Microfiber towels work great. You could also opt for a towel that is specifically designed to fit over your Peloton handlebars. These sweat towels keep your hands (and handlebars) from getting sweaty while eliminating the need to wipe them mid-cycle.


Headbands can either be placed around your hairline or lower down on your forehead. They catch any sweat from your head and hair and keeps it running down your face – or worse, running into your eyes!


You will need to clean your Peloton bike after just about every workout. This is especially true if you tend to sweat a lot while you work out. Use a soft cloth and gentle cleaner to wipe down your bike. Remember that you may need a specialized cleaning product for the screen.


The Peloton app now offers weight training as a part of the program offering. This includes strength-building workouts that you can do while you ride or on their own. To make the most of the full-body workout options, you will need a set of weights.

The amount of weight you need depends on your current level of fitness. Beginners could start out training with their body weight and may not immediately need additional weights. As you progress, you could consider gradually adding additional weight to your strength-building workouts.

Depending on your fitness goals, you could use relatively light weights (between one and three pounds) or have a more intense workout with weights between ten and fifteen pounds. Peloton's Bootcamp classes that combine cycling with weight training generally require heavier weight (fifteen pounds and up).

The company also offers workouts that make use of a resistance band if that is your preference.

Bike mat

A bike mat can protect your floor from scratches or scuff marks that could be caused by the bike's vibration and movement while you are cycling. It also minimizes those dreaded indents that are difficult to remove from thick carpeting.

Bicycle mats provide a stable floor area for your stationary bike. They are essential if you plan on placing your bike on thick carpeting or a slippery floor surface. You can create an even more stable platform for your Peloton bike if you will be using it on a carpet. Simply place a piece of ¾ inch thick plywood between the carpet your bicycle mat.

Bike mats also protect your floors from damage that could be caused when you walk around in your cleats. Look for a floor mat that has a durable top layer (to stand up to wear and tear from your bike and cleats) and a non-slip bottom to keep it firmly in place.

If you like working up a sweat while working out, you could consider placing a towel on top of your bike mat. Alternatively, you could look for a bike mat that is machine washable that absorbs sweat and protects your flooring at the same time.

Headphones or earphones

Headphones have a band that fits over your head with two speakers on either side. The speakers usually fit either on or over your ears. Earphones, on the other hand, are smaller and fit into your ears.

Headphones or earphones are fabulous for creating a workout bubble and get you in the zone. With the sound directly in your ears, distractions are removed, allowing you to focus entirely on your workout. You may also need a set of earphones or headphones if you are working out in a shared space and you don't want to disturb others.

It is worth investing in a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones (or earphones) to avoid any frustration that could be caused by a dangling cable getting in the way. They are also more convenient for cross-training, where you will be getting on and off your Peloton bike and need to move around without being restricted.

If you want to get fancy and listen to your instructor and music while still being able to pay attention to what is going around you, you could consider getting open-ear headphones. OpenFit technology makes use of something called bone conduction. The sounds are played through your cheekbones instead of your ears. This makes it possible for you to focus on your Peloton instructor without feeling isolated from the space around you.

Headphones, especially the ones with a thick headband, could increase how much your head sweats. Because they are on your head, they will get sweaty in the process and will need to be cleaned after every use. Some headphones have detachable headband cover and ear cushions which makes them very easy to clean.

Earphones, on the other hand, may not fit comfortably in your ears. Look for headphones or earphones that are practical and comfortable to wear while giving you the best quality sound possible. You don't want to become frustrated mid-workout because you are struggling to hear what is going on.

Like with a heart rate monitor, look for headphones or earphones with a long battery life and that charge fast.


A fan could make a massive difference to your comfort while working out on your Peloton bike. The fan you choose depends on your setup. A small standalone fan can be placed on a desktop or shelf, while a tall floor fan could work if you have spare floor space. On the other hand, you could look for a fan that attaches to your bike's handlebars. A fan with different speed options can be adjusted to keep you cool while on a relaxed cycle and when you are pushing through a more intense Peloton class.

Device holders

You can get a variety of trays and holders if you want to keep your devices close while you ride. Phone mounts attach to your handlebars to hold your phone securely within reach. These are often flexible so that you can set your phone to the angle that you prefer.

Laptop trays make it possible to work while working out. They are also great for holding a book if you prefer to do some old-school reading while riding. Some laptop trays attach to the handlebars. Other trays or holders are free-standing. These are useful if you do a lot of cross-training since you can easily take your device with you as you move around.

Bike cover

A Peloton bike cover keeps your bike safe and clean while not in use. A simple dust cover will keep your Peloton free from dust and pet hair if your bike is indoors. On the other hand, a waterproof cover (like one made of nylon) can offer some protection if your bike is outside.

Most covers are easy to put on and take off with zipper openers, while drawstring cords make for a snug fit.

Proper socks

Yes, the socks you wear could affect the comfort of your ride. Thick socks could cause your toes and feet to fall asleep on longer rides. They are also more likely to make your feet sweaty. Thinner socks that wick away moisture will keep your feet comfortable, even during more extended and more intense spin classes. If you can find a pair made of natural, antimicrobial fibers, even better.

Handlebar extender

Being able to move your handlebars closer to the seat can make a massive difference to shorter riders. However, although a Peloton bike's handles can move up and down, they cannot move forward and back. You can solve this issue by getting a handlebar extender. This extender usually fits over your Peloton bike's handlebars and slightly decreases the distance between your bike seat and handlebars. Having the handlebars closer to the seat makes Peloton cycling more comfortable for short riders.

Yoga mat and blocks

A yoga mat is not necessarily a Peloton accessory that you will be using while you are riding. However, you will definitely use one when you are stretching during warmups and cool offs. Peloton also offers standalone yoga classes where you will need a yoga mat. Yoga blocks are always great to have around. They can be used to lean on or support you through yoga poses that may not come so easily at times.

Indoor cycling is a wonderful way to maintain your fitness goals, even when the weather isn't ideal. Peloton workouts provide many benefits and keep you motivated to keep pushing. Peloton accessories can make a massive difference between whether you stick it through and keep pushing or walk away from Peloton cycling early because you are not comfortable. You can purchase many accessories directly from Peloton or find alternatives that suit your unique needs better.