Peloton Apparel – Cultivating More Inspired and Motivated Workouts One Legging At a Time

One of the great things about working out on your Peloton bike or Peloton treadmill is that you don’t need to worry about what you look like. You could work out in a pair of shorts and a ratty old t-shirt, and no one but you would know.

The thing is: you don’t wear Peloton apparel for other people; you wear it for yourself. Plenty of research and development go into producing fitness clothing. Companies who manufacture this type of clothing not only want you to look good in their products, but they want you to feel good too. Being more comfortable in the clothing you wear means you will have a more enjoyable ride. When your rides are more enjoyable, you will likely do it more and for longer – and that is the goal.

Let’s be honest: when you look good, you feel great! Peloton knows this. They have worked hard to incorporate inspiration, motivation, and affirmation into every class they offer. They have also extended these concepts into their apparel. Their clothing is designed with inclusivity in mind – making everybody feel comfortable in the clothes they put on their body.

The company has added a special touch with apparel that celebrates significant milestones, like your 100th ride and products that sport quotes from the Peloton instructors. It is all about making your cycling (or other Peloton workouts) more personalized while promoting a sense of community.

Peloton has managed to build a strong community of Peloton users. The fitness brand has also found an ingenious way of getting existing Peloton owners to promote their products for them. After all, word of mouth is one of the most extensive and most successful marketing techniques around.

Jill Foley is the wife of Peloton Interactive Inc. founder and CEO John Foley. She runs Peloton’s apparel department. The apparel section of the company is more of an add-on than a primary focus area. Peloton offers referral codes to persons who get others to purchase workout equipment or sign up for the Peloton app. These Peloton apparel coupon codes can be used to purchase apparel or accessories from the online Peloton apparel store, usually to the value of $100. The person who referred someone else also gets a voucher code.

Essentially, Peloton is giving away free apparel when you purchase a product or app membership. That means that they make very little off of apparel sales.

A couple of things to note is that referral vouchers can only be used once, even if you do not use the total amount. These vouchers or coupons cannot be used for items that are already discounted, nor can they be combined with any other voucher, coupon, or discount. Lastly, shipping fees are not covered by a referral voucher. Having said that, Peloton offers free shipping within the Continental U.S. if the subtotal (after coupons, vouchers, and gift cards have been applied) is over $50.

Different brands that produce Peloton apparel

Peloton offers its own in-house branded apparel collection. They have also partnered up with a number of fitness and lifestyle brands to expand their offering. They sell Peloton-branded apparel from Nike, Lululemon, WITH, Beyond Yoga, Oliver Thomas, and Spiritual Gangster. 

Peloton has recently joined forces with Adidas to produce an apparel line of lifestyle and performance wear. The pieces were created in collaboration with Peloton instructors Ally Love, Cody Rigsby, and Robin Arzón.

Where can you purchase Peloton apparel?

Peloton’s apparel store (both online and brick-and-mortar Peloton showrooms) is called The Peloton Boutique. Here you can purchase Peloton branded merchandise, including fitness wear and accessories. The Peloton apparel store offers Peloton branded clothing along with items from their partner companies.

The Adidas X Peloton range is available on the Adidas and Peloton websites and in certain Adidas and Peloton retail stores.

Availability of Peloton apparel

Peloton apparel sells out extremely fast. So quickly, many people have found strategies to predict when the company will add new products to their store to get their hands on the items they want. Sometimes you only have a few minutes to make the purchase. Peloton sends out emails notifying customers of new products, exclusive offers, and discounts. However, in many cases, a lot of these new products are sold out by this time.

Some believe that because Peloton apparel is not a main revenue stream, the company just doesn’t focus on adding a large number of products to this section of their business.

The other reason could be that some people in the Peloton community use their apparel credits to buy items that they then resell on platforms like Facebook and eBay. This could be purely to convert their credits into cash. Other people are unsure which size item they need. They then buy multiple sizes and resell items that don’t fit.

Although Peloton tries to curb this by putting a limit on how many of the same items you can buy (five if you were wondering), you can circumvent this by placing multiple orders or contacting the support team to arrange larger orders.

Some influencers and bloggers sometimes get prior notice that Peloton will be releasing new products. The company also usually does a product drop on the same day all over the world. That means, when new products are released in Europe, you can expect them to be available in North America a few hours later.

Items from a seasonal collection don’t usually get restocked. However, the company notifies its email and social media subscribers when they do re-stock items, and new collections become available. You can also select the ‘Email When Back In Stock’ option on a product page to receive a notification if a specific item becomes available in the future.

Warranties and returns

Peloton does not offer warranties on its apparel. They also do not offer exchanges with the exception of their shoes – because their products sell out too fast. However, you can return an item within 30 days of the original purchase date. Items that are being returned should not have been worn or washed and should have the original tags attached. Purchases made with a referral code that is returned will be refunded with another referral code.

How does Peloton’s apparel sizing work?

Because Peloton has partnered up with different brands, the sizing of their workout apparel differs. You may need a Small in one brand and an Extra Large in another. Peloton has a size chart on every product page. Alternatively, suppose you already own a piece of clothing from a specific brand, like Lululemon. In that case, you can use that to gauge the size that you need.

For example, the Adidas range includes sizes between Extra Small and 2x Extra Large in men, women, and unisex styles.

What kind of cycling shoes do you need?

Peloton exercise bike pedals can only accommodate cycling shoes with Look Delta cleats. On the other hand, most other stationary bikes (including the one you will most likely ride in spin class) accommodates SPD cleats. That means that you will either need two pairs of cycling shoes or that you need to change out your Peloton bike’s pedals to accommodate SPD cleats or toe cages instead.

Why is it important to wear Peloton apparel?

Whether you go for Peloton branded items or products produced by other fitness apparel specialty brands, the clothes you wear will have an impact on your workouts. Most workout clothes or performance wear are made of materials conducive to enhancing your training.

Clothing made of cotton may be comfortable when you are lounging around at home, but it could soon become uncomfortable if you wear it during a workout. That is because cotton absorbs sweat and thus becomes wet and uncomfortable during intense workouts. Activewear made of Spandex, Nylon, and Polyester blends, on the other hand, are designed to wick away moisture. That means clothing made of these materials not only absorbs sweat but it allows the sweat to evaporate – keeping you both cool and dry during your workouts.

The Peloton Boutique includes a wide variety of fitness gear. You can browse workout t-shirts and tops, leggings, shorts, sports bras, hoodies, and even windbreakers online and in-shop.

The quality of Peloton apparel varies. Most partner brands offer products that are consistent with and expected of that particular brand. However, in some cases, users have found that the branding starts to peel off after only one wash. If this is the case, Peloton’s support team could be able to help you with a refund or credit voucher, depending on the payment option you used when purchasing the product.

Peloton apparel is designed to make you look good. More importantly, it is designed to make you feel good. The company knows that when you feel good, you are likely to be more inspired and motivated. It is a powerful way to feel a sense of community with other Peloton owners and instructors. Like their workout equipment and app, Peloton apparel is all about giving you your best workout continuously and consistently.