Guide to Choosing A Road Bike

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Road biking presents a lot of fun, it helps improve your fitness in addition to meeting up with new individuals and absorbing the environment at a slower pace compared to being in a speeding automobile. Road bikes offer speed, efficiency, and agility. Before you make a decision on buying a road bike, you will need … Read more

Can a Woman Ride a Man’s Bike?

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When it comes to cycling, there are very important things to keep in mind and areas to check to make sure that you’ll have the best riding experience possible. Riding a bike that doesn’t properly suit you could end with injury or definitely some body soreness. There are different sized bikes for different sized people, … Read more

How to Remove Bicycle Pedals

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Have you ever removed the bicycle pedals from your bicycle for any reason whatsoever? Maybe it was because the pedals were worn smooth, with minimal thread left on them to allow for a solid grip with your sneaker. Perhaps it was simply because you discovered a fascinating off-road trail that was surrounded by mud and … Read more

What Bike Frame Size Do I Need?

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When it comes to choosing a bike for yourself, there are a lot of different things to consider. What style would you like? Do you want a road bike or a terrain bike? What do you plan to use the bike for? Fitness or racing or recreation? One of the biggest questions you need to … Read more

Can You Get a DUI on a Bike?

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It may seem like a silly question, but certainly a valid concern – can you get a DUI on a bike? Although you wouldn’t think of a bike as a dangerous vehicle, especially if driving under the influence, you can certainly cause a lot of damage to yourself and others around you if you are … Read more

How To Adjust Bicycle Brakes – Securing The Stop

Brakes are important features of our bikes because they stop us from hurting ourselves. When it comes to these little friends that slow your tires when danger is in the way, well, sometimes they need a little bit of attention. If you find that the levers for your brakes moving too close to the handlebars or … Read more

Can a Bent Bicycle Rim Be Fixed?

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One of the most frustrating things to have to experience, especially if you’re a person who loves to use a bicycle, is a bent rim. Bent rims happen and are entirely too common, but after getting a bent rim, does this mean that the whole thing needs to be thrown out? Is the rim entirely … Read more

How Long Does a Bicycle Chain Last?

Every bike has been there – you’re enjoying a nice, sunny day out taking a ride on your bike and then the chain gives and you’re basically cycling in place. It’s a huge inconvenience to every biker, especially if you are far from home and don’t have any tools on you that would help replace … Read more

Can You Lose Weight by Riding a Bicycle?

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Losing weight is tough, and there are any number of fad diets or workout routines claiming to be the best way to drop a few pounds fast. However, there’s a right way to lose weight, and it doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, losing weight shouldn’t even be measured by pounds but by inches, and cycling … Read more

Do You Know How to Fit a Bicycle Seat?

Let’s face it – not all tushies are created equal, and that means there is no one size fits all bicycle seat. In fact, that’s why there are so many different seats on the market. So, you’ve gone and shopped, found the perfect seat for you, and made your purchase. But now, you’re faced with … Read more